10 Best Survival Shovels 2017 – Folding Shovels for Camping, Hunting, and Outdoors

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 In search of a trustworthy folding survival shovel?

Whether you’re camping, hunting or surviving outdoors, you always need to have the best lightweight, multi-functional tools as part of your gear. The more uses you can get out of a single item, the less you have to carry and the more opportunities you have to deal with various problems.

A folding survival shovel is just that; an incredibly useful, versatile tool that’s essential for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

Sometimes called a military shovel, camp shovel, or E-tool (entrenching tool), a survival shovel is a foldable, durable shovel that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from cutting trees to digging out tires from snow.

And these tactical shovels is much more than a simple, rounded shovel; the best survival shovel models are made with heavy duty materials built to hold weight and deliver powerful blows for chopping trees or fighting off enemies.

They’re also designed for easy carry and maximum portability so you can have one with you wherever you go without being weighed down.

If you’re looking for the best survival shovel for your needs, you can begin by looking at the best folding shovel reviews from the most reliable and high-quality tactical gear brands.



Best Survival Shovels 2017

NameImageWeightLengthPriceOur Rating
FiveJoy Backcountry Shovel
2.15 lbs18.8"$$98
Schrade SCHSH1 Telescoping Folding Shovel
2.0 lbs19"$96
Chafon Folding Survival Shovel Kit
2.0 lbs21.2"$$93
United Cutlery Kommando Tactical Shovel
2.3 lbs16.2"$$97
Rose Kuli Compact Folding Shovel Military Portable Shovel
2.7 lbs26.5"$92
The Friendly Swede Folding Multi Tool Survival Shovel
1.98 lbs23.5”$97
Gerber E-Tool Folding Shovel
2.6 lbs23.75"$$98
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F19-N Elite Folding Shovel
1.55 lbs26"$$94
Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel
2.5 lbs31" / 35"$-$$90
Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel with Hardwood Handle
1.6 lbs19.68"$95

Survival Shovel Reviews

When shopping for the best survival shovel that you can trust in life-threatening circumstances, you’ll need to consider the shovel’s weight, portability, durability, price, storage and additional features to find the best product that’s right for you.

Some of the best folding shovel kits come with lots of extra features, such as built-in weapons or practical tools; others have more basic, solid designs for improved portability. Reading tactical shovel reviews is a helpful way to narrow down your choices.

FiveJoy Backcountry Shovel – Best Survival Shovel 2017

The FiveJoy military folding shovel is a versatile and durable multi-tool designed for heavy outdoor use and light carry.

Features & Performance

Highly functional with tons of extra features. The entire survival shovel kit includes an emergency whistle, tactical knife, bottle opener, fire starter, saw and a tactical handle. The shovel blade itself is designed with multifunctional edges as well as a printed measuring ruler on one side.

Collapsible and portable. While it’s not the most lightweight camp shovel, it’s easily collapsible and comes with a spade cover and carrying case that is compatible with MOLLE attachment systems. You can carry it on your belt loop as one solid piece, but the shovel also comes apart in different sections when the extra tools are needed. Additional extenders can be purchased for increased length and leverage.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Contains additional tools such as fire starter and knife
  • Slip and sweat proof
  • Foldable shovel head


  • Fairly heavy
  • Somewhat expensive, extenders sold separately
  • Contains small parts
Who Should Buy It

The FiveJoy multi-tool kit is the perfect buy for someone in search of a great starter kit for survival and emergencies that can be stored in a car or backpack. If you like the idea of having lots of different survival tools in one portable package, it’s a great choice based on its versatile design and virtually indestructible construction.

Check Out The FiveJoy Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.15 lbs

Length: 18.8″

Materials: Heat-treated carbon steel and aerospace grade aluminum

Special Features: Multifunctional emergency kit, carrying case included

Schrade SCHSH1 Telescoping Folding Shovel

The Schrade SCHSH1 Folding Shovel is a heavy duty extendable survival shovel made for tactical outdoor use by a reputable outdoor gear brand.

Features & Performance

Simple but gets the job done. The blade on the side of the spade is sharp enough for cutting saplings or shaving wood, but not so sharp that it’s a danger to handle.

Extendable and easy to hold. With the ability to expand up to 19″, this shovel can provide you with more length for more powerful jobs and better grip. It also has a T-handle for added stability.

Portable and ideal for camping. This folding shovel only weighs 2 pounds, so it’s a good average size for general use while camping or hiking outdoors. It comes with a black polyester belt sheath for easier carry and preservation.


  • Expandable up to 19″
  • Solid and compact
  • Comes with polyester belt sheath
  • Very affordable


  • Lack of extra features
  • Not the longest or lightest option
  • Telescoping mechanism somewhat complicated
Who Should Buy It

The Schrade Telescoping Folding Shovel is a great buy for someone in search of an extendable camp shovel with fairly sharp edges. Consider purchasing this camp shovel if you’re looking for a portable shovel that’s fairly simple but still practical for digging and cutting while camping or dealing with emergencies.

Check Out The Schrade Folding Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Length: 19″

Materials: Carbon steel with aluminum Handle

Special Features: Expandable, belt sheath included

Chafon Folding Survival Shovel Kit

The Chafon compact multifunctional detachable shovel kit comes with several basic survival tool essentials in a portable, sturdy package.

Features & Performance

Smooth and streamlined. The entire shovel is made with sleek craftsmanship. The blade takes the spotlight based on its sharp and serrated edges, two hexagonal wrench openings and printed measuring ruler.

Plenty of extra features. Similar to the FiveJoy military folding shovel, this multi-tool includes several additional features when screwed apart, including a rescue knife, compass, whistle, fire starter, wire cutter, bottle opener and screwdriver. The entire shovel can be fitted into the included cam carrying case which also has an adjustable shoulder strap, making it ideal for storing in a car or camper and easily carry when needed. The carrying case also comes with several pockets and an individual blade guard for the head of the shovel.


  • Long length
  • Lots of additional tools in the kit, such as built-in compass and saw blade
  • Comes with tactical packet
  • Comfortable to use and control


  • Lots of small parts
  • May need tightening to secure screws
  • Several dangerous sharp parts
Who Should Buy It

If you’re in search of a tactical survival kit and shovel, the Chafon Folding Survival Shovel comes complete with tools that can be used in a variety of outdoor or emergency situations, from cutting wires to finding your way with a compass. While it’s not the strongest or longest survival shovel, it includes plenty of features that make it a great buy for someone looking for a little more complexity.

Check Out The Chafon Folding Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Length: 21.2″

Materials: Heat-treated carbon steel (body and handle)

Special Features: Carrying case included, several extra survival tools

United Cutlery Kommando Tactical Shovel – Best Tactical Shovel 2017

The United Cutlery Kommando Tactical Shovel is a hardcore, compact survival shovel with a virtually indestructible construction.

Features & Performance

Compact yet adaptable. While the handle does not come apart to reveal extra features, the blade itself is very dynamic for multi-purpose use. One side is finely sharpened while the other has a partially serrated edge as well as a concave chopping edge.

Functional and convenient. This is one of the shorter tactical shovel options, making it extremely portable for frequent carry or storing in a bug out bag where every inch counts. It comes with a reinforced nylon pouch that can be attached to a belt so the shovel can stay secure and protected.


  • Very strong and compact
  • Versatile blade design
  • Includes belt pouch
  • Simple, aesthetic design


  • Very short
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Shovel head does not fold
Who Should Buy It

A United Cutlery Tactical Shovel is a great buy for someone who wants a short, strong shovel with a multipurpose spade and a compact handle. Due to its weight and inability to fold, it’s most useful for those that prioritize durability and sharpness over portability and extra features.

Check Out The United Cutlery Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.3 lbs

Length: 16.2″

Materials: Tempered stainless steel with injection-molded nylon handle

Special Features: Reinforced belt pouch

Rose Kuli Compact Folding Shovel

The Rose Kuli compact portable shovel is an artistically designed foldable shovel with several added features for multi-purpose use.

Features & Performance

Lots of extras. When taken apart, the whole shovel hides a screw driver, fire starter, lifesaving hammer, hexagonal wrench and a hunting knife. It also contains an extension handle for increased practicality. The kit comes with a compact carry pouch with a strap as well as a small blade head cover; both come with a unique camo pattern.

Versatile blade. The shovel head includes sharp and serrated sides, along with three hexagonal wrench openings and a bottle opener notch. The shovel head can also be folded for increased function and built with an alloy steel lock to ensure sturdiness.


  • Extra features, including lifesaving hammer and firestarter
  • Extendable up to 21.2″
  • Affordable
  • Foldable shovel head


  • Very heavy for a survival shovel
  • Brightly colored/pouches not the best quality
  • Lots of small parts
Who Should Buy It

The Rose Kuli Compact Folding Shovel is a highly functional tool for survivalists and handymen. With all of its extras and customizable adjustments, it’s a very dynamic survival shovel that doesn’t slack on the details if you don’t mind carrying the extra weight.

Check Out The Rose Kuli Folding Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.7 lbs

Length: 26.5″

Materials: Carbon steel body, steel handle

Special Features: Several extra tools, carry pouch

The Friendly Swede Folding Multi Tool Survival Shovel

The The Friendly Swede Survival Shovel is a sleek, lightweight E-tool that includes several basic, practical survival tools in one compact kit.

Features & Performance

No fuss. The overall design of The Friendly Swede multi-tool is simple yet highly functional for basic survival or emergency needs. It can be separated into three parts and includes two saws, a glass breaker, whistle, bottle opener, knife and firestarter.

Uniquely constructed. The shovel can be folded to 180 or 90 degrees and also includes an extended point behind the head that turns the whole shovel into a pickaxe when folded down. It’s also very long and thin, taking away weight without skimping on function when you’re looking for something you can easily grip and control.


  • Collapsible with a rubber grip
  • Several extras, including paracord and belt pouch
  • Functional design
  • Fairly lightweight and long


  • Lots of parts
  • Handle is thin compared to other options
  • Not the strongest tactical shovel
Who Should Buy It

The The Friendly Swede Folding Survival Shovel would be a great buy for frequent travelers, hikers and campers looking for something versatile but also small and easy to carry around. It’s a great option for less heavy duty use when all you want is some basic survival tools that won’t weigh you down.

Check Out The Friendly Swede Folding Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 1.98 lbs

Length: 23.5″

Materials: Carbon steel (blade and handle)

Special Features: Carrying pouch with paracord, extra tools

Gerber E-Tool Folding Shovel

The Gerber E-Tool Folding Shovel is an incredibly strong, durable tactical shovel with a tough, compact construction made from a renowned outdoor gear brand.

Features & Performance

Hardcore features for hardcore use. While this folding shovel doesn’t come with any hidden extras, it can still be used in a variety of ways based on it’s very tough and resistant design. The shovel has built-in locks to add stability so the tool stays in place no matter how its folded or used under pressure. The blade head includes both a serrated and sharp edge for optimized digging or cutting.

Extremely portable. While it’s not the most lightweight or smallest survival shovel, the Gerber E-Tool can be folded up into a tightly compact position that’s easy to carry or store just about anywhere. While it doesn’t come with a sheath, it can be fitted into MOLLE carry pouches that need to be bought separately.


  • Compact and tough
  • Constructed for stability
  • Wide-gap handle
  • Fairly large


  • Somewhat heavy
  • No extra features
  • No carry pouch included
Who Should Buy It

The Gerber E-Tool Shovel is the perfect buy for someone who needs a classic, reliable folding shovel with no frills. While it doesn’t have hidden features like some other options, it can get the job done as a sturdy and strong tool for a wide range of uses by hunters, survivalists and car travelers.

Check Out The Gerber E-Tool

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.6 lbs

Length: 23.75″

MaterialsPowder-coated steel head and glass-filled nylon handle

Special Features: Extreme foldability

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F19-N Elite Folding Shovel

The SOG Elite Folding Shovel is a uniquely designed E-tool made for no-nonsense function on top of beastly beauty.

Features & Performance

Lightweight and portable. Similar to the Gerber E-tool, the SOG Elite folding shovel can be completely folded for maximum portability. It also only weighs 1.55 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight, high-quality E-tool options you can find.

Attachable saw included. The SOG Elite folding shovel contains a hidden saw that can be screwed onto the end of the shovel handle and made into a long tool or weapon for taking down branches or slashing through dangerous territory.


  • Includes long steel saw blade
  • Completely foldable
  • Comes with nylon sheath
  • Very lightweight


  • Very long for weight
  • Few additional features
  • Not ideal for very heavy use
Who Should Buy It

If you’d like to have one of the most lightweight yet reliable and practical folding survival shovels available, the SOG Elite Folding Shovel is a good choice. It’s great for people who frequently work or spend time outdoors and may need a durable shovel or saw blade to deal with rough terrain during hikes or camping trips.

Check Out The SOG Elite Folding Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 1.55 lbs

Length: 26″

Materials: Carbon steel blade and handle with hard cased black finish

Special Features: Nylon carry case, built-in saw

Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel

The Iunio Military Folding Shovel is an extremely multifunctional military shovel with several unique add-ons.

Features & Performance

A lot of features for diverse usage. The Iunio portable shovel kit comes with a bottle opener, nail extractor, scales knife, hunting knife, whistle, fire bar, hang rope and extender bars to match your preference. No matter what you might be in need of, you can go through your survival shovel kit and choose the item you’re looking for; or you can put the whole thing together for an extended shovel with hidden features ready to be accessed at any time.

Customization. The Iunio folding shovel is one of the few survival shovels where you can buy multiple extensions to find a customized length based on your individual height.


  • Compact when folded
  • Several extras, including hand rope and pickaxe design
  • Antiskid rubber handle
  • Lots of extension options


  • Fairly heavy, comes with lots of small parts
  • Extremely long (could be considered a pro for some)
  • Expensive
Who Should Buy It

If you’re looking for extension and length when it comes to finding the best survival shovel, the Iunio Folding Shovel is a good option where you can find length options suited to your needs. It’s also a great buy if you’re a hunter, fisherman, outdoors person or survivalist looking for several tactical features that can all be fitted into one secure pouch for easy carry during outdoor excursions.

Check Out The Iunio Folding Shovel

– Tech Specs –

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Length: 31″/35″

Materials: Carbon steel (blade and handle)

Special Features: Carry pouch, extensions, extra tool features

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel with Hardwood Handle

The Cold Steel Special Forces Survival Shovel is a simple, sturdy and lightweight shovel with a beautifully crafted hardwood handle.

Features & Performance

Short and sturdy. This little shovel only weighs 1.6 lbs and has a moderate length of 19.68 inches, making it an all-around handy survival shovel for moderate outdoor use.

Classically designed for quality. While this little shovel isn’t foldable or expandable, it’s a great basic tool that’s not too heavy but still sharp and strong enough to be used for various outdoor tasks. With its smooth wooden handle and thick, carbon steel blade, it gives the impression of a familiar, dependable product with a reputation to match.

Forged in history. This shovel is modeled after military shovel tools used in World War II, crafted for sharpness and convenience.


  • Simple and compact
  • Sturdy and tough
  • Thick shovel head
  • Very sharp edges


  • No sheath included
  • Not foldable
  • No extra features
Who Should Buy It

The Cold Steel Special Forces Survival Shovel is a great choice if you want something simple, classic and vintage. It’s great for keeping in a vehicle or bug out bag and it’s a handy yet simple tool that can hold up to wear and tear from shoveling, chopping and cutting in the outdoors.


– Tech Specs –

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Length: 19.68″

Materials: Medium carbon steel blade, hardwood handle

Special Features: Hardwood handle


 Our Verdicts: Best Survival Shovel Options

Best Survival Shovel 2017: FiveJoy Backcountry Shovel

Best Lightweight Shovel: The Friendly Swede Folding Multi Tool Survival Shovel

Best Budget Shovel: The Friendly Swede Folding Multi Tool Survival Shovel

Best Multi-Tool Shovel: FiveJoy Backcountry Shovel

Survival Shovel Buyer’s Guide – Find the Best Folding Shovel

What is a Survival Shovel?

A survival shovel is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for digging, cutting, chopping, building, cooking, fighting and more. What makes a survival shovel is more than a sharp spade with a small handle; it’s a shovel designed for multi-purpose use with a versatile, portable body.

Most foldable camp shovels will bend at the base of the spade so it can be used as a hoe or rake as well as an ordinary shovel. Building materials will vary, but the best survival shovel products will be made with high-quality carbon steel with a steel or aluminum handle.

Some survival shovels are very simplistic and only come with the basics, such as a sharp blade and a comfortable handle. Others are more complex and may be dismantled to reveal several different parts that include extra features and additional tools.

Survival Shovel History

E-tools have been around for thousands of years, paving their way through history with their simple yet highly practical design. During the age of the Roman Legion, E-tools were used as essential war tools for digging and self-defense.

Tactical folding spades were also used in World War I as a more portable and compact version of larger shovels. These smaller, specialized E-tools made digging trenches much quicker and easier; they could also be used as close-combat fighting weapons or burial tools.

Survival Shovel Uses

Burying and digging. Although you’ll usually have to bend over or stoop down to use foldable survival shovels, they are much more versatile and portable than normal shovels. With a sharp and durable survival shovel, you’ll be able to dig in the earth to find water, bury items, cover up waste, clear out debris for making a fire and much more. With the ability to fold, survival shovels can be dually used a hoe, rake or pick as well as a traditional shovel.

Axe, knife and saw. A survival shovel can be used for breaking down trees and saplings for kindling, clearing a path or building a shelter.

Wilderness survival. If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with only your tactical shovel at hand, you already have a good start at overcoming a huge variety of obstacles.

Self-defense and protection. If you’re in a situation where you’re out of bullets and stuck in close quarters, a tactical shovel can be used as a dynamic melee weapon that can keep you safe and deliver powerful damage to your attacker.

Crafting, mining and construction. Due to the highly diverse features in many tactical shovel kits, many people can use them while working on crafts, construction projects, general maintenance or household fixes.

Gardening and landscaping. With a multi-functional camp shovel, you can have just about all the basic gardening and landscaping tools you need in one small, easy-to-carry piece of equipment.

Car emergency tool. A portable collapsible shovel should be a part of everyone’s car emergency kit. Whether you’re driving in snow, ice, mud or sand, having a fold up shovel in your emergency kit for car adventures will ensure you have something to dig your tires out if you ever get stuck or stranded. A sturdy survival shovel can also be used to crack ice or windows during vehicle emergencies.

Temporary stool. In desperate situations where a dry, solid place to sit is required, survival shovels can be folded and stood up on the ground to be used as a seat for resting.

Cooking platform. Some camp shovels have stainless steel spades that can be used to cook food directly over a fire or act as a cooking apparatus that holds small pots and pans.

Boat paddle and anchor. A wide, sturdy survival shovel can be used as an emergency boat paddle or anchor that won’t weigh you down.

Grappling hook. With sufficient attachments, such as paracord, a survival shovel can be crafted into a grappling hook or climbing tool in emergency situations.

Features to Look for when Choosing the Best Survival Shovel

How Will You Use the Shovel?

Do you enjoy camping or spending time outdoors? At some point, you’re probably going to need a reliable tool to help you build a campfire, dig a latrine or clear away brush. Do you frequently drive in questionable weather conditions or rough terrain? You can have peace of mind by including an easily accessible car emergency kit in your vehicle at all times in case you ever get stuck and have to dig or break yourself out. Are you a prepper or survivalist looking for the most durable and dependable tools that won’t weigh you down or waste your time? A survival shovel can help with all of these things and more.

How you plan on using your survival shovel plays a large role in the buying process. If you want something really sturdy, look for the best survival shovel made from virtually indestructible materials and a solid, tough design.

If you’d like to have an E-tool for every occasion, look for products that come in a kit with various features, such as attachable saws or built-in glass breakers. If you’re a backpacker or mobile camper, you should be searching for something foldable, portable and lightweight.

Whether you enjoy camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, traveling or simply like to be prepared for the worst, a survival shovel with the proper features for your needs will prove useful no matter what type of lifestyle you have.

Shovel Head

The head of the shovel, sometimes referred to as the spade, is arguably one of the most important parts of a survival shovel. Why? Because the head of the shovel is what gives the tool it’s ability to be used for a variety of tasks aside from just digging. A shovel with serration can act as a saw, sharp edges can be used for splitting wood or slashing enemies and blunt parts can be turned into hammers or weight-holders.

The shovel head needs to be extremely strong, durable and able to withstand a large amount of force. It should also be designed with varying edge types (sharp, blunt, serrated, etc.) to ensure the shovel can be used for exactly what you need in any situation. A tactical shovel head can be anything from a concave stainless steel spade with sharp edges to a dynamically designed blade with built-in wrench gaps and bottle openers. Some models even have rulers on the blade so you can take measurements when studying outdoors, building shelter, etc.

Shovel Handle

The best survival shovel will have a carbon steel or reinforced aluminum handle, preferably heat-treated to ensure long-lasting strength and reliability. While wood is attractive, it’s not as practical for tactical use as carbon steel, which is generally stronger when it comes to compression and tension.

Steel blades and handles are also best for wear-resistance for long-term outdoor use. If you’re looking at a tactical shovel with a wooden handle, consider its blade quality and how you intend to use it; wooden handles should be just fine for general use as long as the shovel is strongly crafted.

Several survival shovels come with attachable extenders that allow you to adjust the shovel to your height and personal preference. These extensions can be screwed directly onto the handle, with some shovel models allowing multiple extenders. The handle of a camp tool is also where extra survival tools are stored.

In some cases, you’ll need to take apart the shovel to access the extra tools. You may also be able to use the tools separately depending on the shovel’s design and carrying case. If you like the idea of having a survival shovel that doubles as a tactical toolkit, make sure you have a secure carrying case to avoid losing small parts and avoid shovels that have flimsy or weak screws.

Size & Portability

Survival shovels can come in a variety of lengths, especially when different extenders are purchased. When it comes to choosing the size and length of your survival shovel, your personal preferences is what matters. Taller people may prefer longer lengthed camp shovels, while shorter folding shovels are usually more ideal for easy carry and portability.

If you need something that you can take with you on the go, look for foldable tactical shovels that come with compact carrying bags. The best foldable shovel will be able to rotate 90 degrees as well as 180 degrees; some options even have an additional extension that allows the tool to become a pickaxe.

Keep in mind that if you want more features and toughness, you may have to choose a heavier, bulkier shovel; alternatively, there are plenty of simpler, lightweight options that can still complete typical E-tool tasks.


Weight is a significant factor in any tactical gear kit. The best survival shovel will be fairly lightweight and easy to carry on a belt loop or backpack, but it should also have enough weight to it that it can get the job done for things that require more force, such as self-defense or chopping wood.

Most collapsible survival shovels are between 1.50 and 2.5 pounds. The more features the shovel has (such as additional survival tools and attachments), the heavier it will be.

Extra Tools

Many survival shovels come with various features included. Here’s a list of common tactical or emergency tools and gear that can come with survival shovel kits:

  • Fire starter
  • Knife (for hunting or fishing)
  • Saw
  • Hand rope
  • Nail extractor
  • Bottle opener
  • Emergency whistle
  • Compass
  • Ruler
  • Glass breaker
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Shovel head cover
  • Carry bag with shoulder straps


The best survival shovel will be able to withstand extreme force, temperatures, weathering, moisture and anything else the outdoors has to offer. For the best durability, look for solid form folding shovels with heat-treated carbon steel.

The shovel should also have a compact construction with no loose parts that could easily break off. Preferably, the best survival shovel will come with a sheath and carry case to keep the blade well-protected while not in use. If heavy duty strength is a concern for you, avoid camp shovels with thin blades and skinny handles.

Price Range

Many of the best foldable shovel products are fairly affordable and under $100. Most are between $20 and $45, with the more expensive shovels generally having more features or a higher-quality design. While shopping for the best survival shovel, always remember to check out the reviews before buying. Even if you’re focused on quality, don’t skim past the lower-priced products; the best folding shovel can still have all the features you need without breaking your budget.

Wrap Up

A tactical shovel is a must-have for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists because they’re affordable, portable, versatile and great to have in a bug out bag or car so you can be ready if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation.

You may not always need it, but when you do, your life may depend on it. Whether you’re adventuring the great outdoors or making preparations for possible emergencies, you can always benefit from having a dependable tactical shovel at your side.

Interested in more of the best survival gear? You can also read our guides on the best tactical pens, the best keychain flashlights, and the best survival axes.