Best Hunting Slingshot for Survival and Outdoors

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In search of the best hunting slingshot for survival?

Hunting slingshots can be a versatile and efficient survival tool. No, we’re not talking about the dinky wood slingshot you made from twigs when you were a kid.

Modern day hunting slingshots are powerful, lightweight, and durable. You can easily keep one in your bug out bag, because who knows when circumstances require you to go on the hunt to provide food for yourself.

Having a survival slingshot is a great idea and given their small size and weight, your not given up much to carry one around with your gear. With the ability to shoot large distances and with high accuracy you can hunt small game when necessary.

I’ve included a list of the best hunting slingshots on the market. In the buyers guide and reviews below you’ll find the good, bad, and ugly about each slingshot. Plus, everything you need to know when shopping for the top slingshot for hunting and survival

Read on to find the best slingshot for hunting and survival.

Hunting Slingshots Comparison Table

NameImageFrame MaterialBand TypeWeightPriceOur Rating
FRIENDLY Hunting SlingshotAlloyTube12.6 oz$
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The Scout Slingshot Our Top Pick!PolycarbonateTube or flat band4.6 oz$$$
See Here
Torque SlingshotPolycarbonateTube or flat band6.1 oz$$
See Here
Barnett Outdoors Cobra Slingshot with Stabilizer Top Budget ChoicePlastic/alloyTuben/a$
See Here
The Pocket ShotPlasticPouch4.0 oz$$
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Outdoor Life Stainless Hunting SlingshotSteelTuben/a$$
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Trumark Slingshots Folding SlingshotaluminumTube5.8 oz$
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Mythic Outdoors Adjustable Steel Hunting SlingshotSteelTuben/a$$
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FRIENDLY Slingshot With Six Rubber TubesAluminumTube10.5 oz$
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Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews

The selected models below are the best hunting slingshots for sale on the market. The top models don’t compromise quality or power, yet are small and lightweight. This means you can easily pack one in your bag and carry around when you are out in the wilderness.

The Scout Slingshot – Best Hunting Slingshot

The The Scout Slingshot is a 100% American made, high-quality hunting slingshot. It’s built ultra-tough from a modern polycarbonate material that is used in the firearms industry. Let’s just say, it’s made to last, which is one of the reasons it’s the most highly rated hunting slingshot for sale on the market. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The Scout performs among the highest for slingshot hunting, providing enough power, accuracy, and durability to satisfy anyone needs.

It gets it’s shooting power from heavy duty flat bands. These are a great option for power and accuracy, but you can also swap out and use rubber tubes if you prefer to. Either way, the Scout will be ready for slingshot hunting any day.

With it’s glass filled nylon frame it’s lightweight, yet durable to the most rugged use. One aspect that I love about this slingshot is it’s simplicity. Almost nothing can go wrong with it given it’s simple, yet functional build.

It can be used for both right and left handed users without having to alter anything on the slingshot. Plus, textured thumb forefinger grip areas provide a firm hold while firing. Even if you hands are wet or sweaty.


  • Super durable, yet still lightweight
  • Comfortable grip with textured thumb and forefinger area
  • The most highly rated slingshots
  • Very durable glass filled nylon frame material
  • Simply, yet high-performance design
  • Latex flat bands provide power and accuracy
  • Compatible with both flat bands and tube bands


  • Higher priced than most models
  • No sight
  • No option to add wrist stabilizer or sight
Who Should Buy It

If you’re looking for one of the most highly rated slingshots out there, this is it. The bottom line is that the Scout delivers performance where it matters—power, accuracy, and durability.

> Get the Scout <

– Specs –

Dimensions: 5.75″ tall x 4″ fork

Weight: 4.6 ounces

Frame Material: Polycarbonate

Band Type: Latex flat bands

Special Features: FlipClip band attachment, leather pouch, ambidextrous fit, made in the USA


FRIENDLY Hunting Slingshot

The FRIENDLY Hunting Slingshot offers a strong and durable alloy frame, six rubber bands, and an ergonomic grip. As a slingshot brand, FRIENDLY makes several model, however from a power and durability standpoint, the six-band model ranks on top. Get it here.

Features & Performance

A nice feature of this slingshot is that you get the strength and durability of a metal frame with the comfort of a plastic molded handle that offers ecellent grip. It comes with six high-quality rubber tube bands already installed, but you can always swap these out to a different size if you want.

It offers plenty of shooting power for any type of slingshot hunting you’ll plan for, however note that it does take more effort to quickly draw the bands back when firing. For this reason I don’t recommend going with too thick of a band—you’re getting 3x the band strength anyways.

It’s built ambidextrous so you can use it equally as well from the right or left hand. The slingshot comes in two varieties, both a snake and eagle style grip, and also includes a leather pocket for storage, a hex wrench for adjustments, and two anti-slip leather collars on the frame.


  • Strong allow frame with comfortable molded grip
  • Affordable price with high performance
  • Extra strength and durability with six bands


  • There are similarly designed counterfeit models out there, so make sure you are ordering the FRIENDLY brand
  • No sight
Who Should Buy It

If you want a simple versatile and strong slingshot that won’t break your budget. The FRIENDLY six-band model is a solid option for anyone looking to dip their feet in and try slingshot hunting.

> Get the FRIENDLY hunting slingshot <

– Specs –

Dimensions: n/a

Weight: 12.5 ounces (shipping weight)

Frame Material: Alloy

Band Type: 6 tube bands

Special Features: Leather pouch, ambidextrous fit, hex wrench, anti-slip leather collars



Torque Slingshot

Another solid option from Simple Shot, the Torque Hunting Slingshot is built from ultra-strong glass filled nylon. There’s almost no way you’re going to break this thing. Plus, it’s made to the highest quality standards here in the USA. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The Torque Slingshot is one of the smallest hunting slingshot options on the market. It’s lighweight and compact size makes it ideal for carrying around in your pocket or throwing in your bug out bag.

It may not show, but it’s minimalist design speaks volumes as far as design does. This model was designed by Simpleshot with help of Mark Seljan, an industrial designer. It’s simple, strong, and functional.

The Torque Slingshot comes ready to shoot with 2040 looped tubes, but it can also handle powerful flat bands. This can easily be changed out via it’s fork slots. In total and depending on preference you can run almost any tube option, looped tubes, single tubes, or flat bands.


  • Built from almost indestructible glass filled nylon
  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying
  • It’s design is ideal for ‘side shooting’ and both left and right-handed shooters
  • Great for experienced slingshot users
  • Made in the USA
  • High-performance at a inexpensive price
  • Can accommodate any type of band


  • Ultra-high performance—not recommend for first time shooters
  • More expensive than other budget models
Who Should Buy It

The Torque Slingshot offers high-performance in a compact package. This is an ideal hunting slingshot for anyone who wants a powerful, durable mid-ranged slingshot that is small enough to conveniently store in their bug out bag for hunting and survival.

> Get the Torque Slingshot <

– Specs –

Dimensions: 5-7/8″” tall x 3-7/8″ wide

Weight: 6.1 ounces

Frame Material: Glass filled nylon

Band Type: 2040 looped tubes (accommodates tube and flat)

Special Features: Accommodates all band types




Outdoor Life Stainless Hunting Slingshot

If you are looking for an adjustable design, then the Outdoor Life Stainless Hunting Slingshot is a great choice. This slingshot offers a fully adjustable solid steel frame. It weights more than other models, but its super strong and offers a bit of customization with the fork position. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The Outdoor Life Stainless Hunting Slingshot is made with a solid steel frame that allows fork position adjustments to give you the right shooting position. It can be easily adjusted on the fly with a single large steel screw. This also makes it more versatile if you want to add shorter or longer bands.

The ergonomic molded handle is non-slip and will give you the grip you need in any conditions. It fits both right and left handed shooters and is very comfortable. One thing to point out is that it will be heavier than other models due to it’s steel frame and larger molded handle.


  • Strong steel frame
  • Comfortable anti-slip molded grip
  • Fully adjustable


  • Heavier and bulkier than other models
  • No sight
Who Should Buy It

If you want a heavy duty, yet adjustable steel frame model, the Outdoor Life Stainless Hunting Slingshot is the right option.

> Get the Outdoor Life Steel Slingshot <

– Specs –

Dimensions: n/a

Weight: n/a

Frame Material: Steel

Band Type: High quality tube

Special Features: Adjustable frame



The Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot truly brings innovation to the slingshot. Think of it as a slingshot on steriods. It’s extra powerful and can shoot arrows with ease. The Pocket Shot is also super compact and can easily be added to you EDC toolkit or your bug out bag. Get it here.

Features & Performance

You’ll be quick to notice that the Pocket Shot does not resemble your typical slingshot. The design is unique and simple, basically a round plastic ring with an attached rubber pouch. You’ll also get a cap and instruction bookable with it, which is really helpful for first time users. I won’t lie, it does take some time to get the hang to using it.

You can shoot round ammo or also buy the optional Pocket Shot Arrow Kit that allows you to shoot arrows. In my opinion the arrow pouch is a must have add-on for the Pocket Shot and adds incredible hunting potential to the product.

It’s small and light, you can easily carry it around in your pocket or stuff it in your bag without noticing it.


  • Very compact and powerful hunting tool
  • Offers a natural shooting position
  • Ability to shoot arrows with the Whisker Biscuit Cap


  • Reports of durability issues with the pouches
Who Should Buy It
The Pocket Shot offers a unique take on the traditional hunting slingshot. In many ways it’s superior with it’s incredible power and ability to easily transition between shooting ammunition and arrows. Get it if you want a super small and unique weapon for slingshot hunting.

> Get the Pocket Shot <

– Specs –

Dimensions: 2.6″ x 0.5″

Weight: 4.0 ounces

Frame Material: Plastic

Band Type: Rubber pouch

Special Features: Unique design, comes with 2 pouches



Barnett Outdoors Cobra Slingshot – Best Budget Hunting Slingshot

The Barnett Outdoors Cobra Slingshot comes with a unique frotn stabilizer and sighting system for precision shooting. It also offers a detacahable wrist brace for added shooting power. This model is built by well-known crossbow manufacture, Barnett Outdoors. Get it here.

Features & Performance

For the price the Barnett Outdoors Cobra Slingshot is hard to beat. It offers exceptional performance, plus comes with some unique features. The first is the Cobra’s unique combination of front stabilizer and sighting system. This is a great little feature that is built to improve your shooting accuracy.

Secondly, the slingshot offers a detachable wrist brace that vies added strength and stability when shooting powerful shots. You’ll need to double check that slingshots with attached wrist braces are allowed in your state (see below for more info).

The handle is contoured to fit your hand and made from soft touch rubber for extra comfort. The bands that come on the slingshot are magnum power tube bands.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Detachable stabilizer and sight
  • Detachable wrist brace for added strength and stability


  • Not legal in some states
Who Should Buy It

Get the Barnett Outdoors Cobra Slingshot if you want a powerful and high-quality slingshot, but don’t want to break your budget. This slingshot offers some unique performance features that are hard to find on other models.

> Get the Barnett Outdoors Cobra <

– Specs –

Dimensions: n/a

Weight: n/a

Frame Material: Plastic/alloy

Band Type: Magnum tube

Special Features: Detachable stabilizer, sight, and wrist stabilizer


 Our Verdicts: Top Hunting Slingshot Options

Best Hunting Slingshot: The Scout Slingshot

Best Budget Model: Barnett Outdoors Cobra Slingshot with Stabilizer

Best High-End Model: The Scout Slingshot

Hunting Slingshot Buyer’s Guide

What is a Hunting Slingshot?

A hunting slingshot is an excellent gear choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and powerful hunting tool for survival. Modern day slingshots for hunting and survival are designed and built with high-quality materials.

Once you’ve learned the basics for shooting and hunting slingshot you’ll be able to deliver maximum shooting power with ridiculously accuracy. This can make it a dangerous tool in any survival situation—whether it’s hunting for good or self defense purposes.

Powerful hunting slingshots can shoot upwards of 100+ ft in distance and provide enough force to kill small game from 30-40 ft. This is the key to what makes them a versatile survival tool.

Did I mention that hunting slingshots are lightweight? The top models are built from metal or high-quality plastics. If you want an old-school design you can always opt for a wood frame, but don’t expect the same performance as you’ll get from other frame materials.

In general, slingshots can use a variety of ammunition for shooting. This is ideal for packing light because you have the option to collect unlimited ammunition from your surroundings or opt to carry high-performance steel slingshot ammo. With the addition of a attachable shaft cradle you can even shoot arrows for more ambitious hunting goals.

Now, let’s quickly go over band types used on hunting slingshots. You have flat bands, which generally offer more durability, and rubber tubing, which can provide higher accuracy. There are benefits of both and depending on your intended uses of the slingshot one option may suite you better than the other. We’ll go into these aspects more in-depth below.

The bottom line is that a hunting slingshot is a lightweight a packable tool that may just keep you alive in certain situations. With that said, they are a excellent additional to your survival toolkit.

If you an absolute slingshot newbie, I recommend investing an hour and watching this video. It’s by far the best resource to learn slingshot basics:

History of the Slingshot

The Y-shaped weapon, known as a slingshot has a long history. It’s also called by some funny names around the world, including: catapult (UK), ging (Australian/New Zealand), kattie (South Africa), bean shooter, and tirador.

In it’s most basic form it is a Y-shaped frame, historically constructed from wood sticks, with two natural-rubber strips attached to the arms. Since vulcanized natural rubber is required in it’s design, the weapons dates back to no earlier than 1839.


After this, the slingshot evolved into a “do-it-yourself” weapon, with kids making their own versions around the globe. Think of your typical twig and rubber band model.

It wasn’t until 1918 when the first commercial slingshots were being produced. And believe it or not, the first models were made form cast iron by Zip-Zip. This was surely not a lightweight piece of gear.

From here slingshot designs were refined and became increasingly more popular. There are even instances when military units used slingshots and they were considered an ideal piece of gear for pilots “ditch bag” for survival situations.

Uses & Advantages of Hunting Slingshots

I’m sure you can probably think of many great uses of slingshots—say for example, taking aim at empty PBR cans around the campfire. However, when we’re talking about slingshots for more practical uses there are two uses that come to mind: hunting and self defense.

Survival & Hunting

Don’t underestimate the power of a slingshot. Based on your slingshot hunting experience and accuracy it’s entirely possible to take down smaller game from 30-40 feet in away. Because the size and speed of the projectile is limited, we’re talking about rabbits, birds, squirrels, other small game and even fish. If you are hungry and out in the wild this tool can do the job.

For more ambitious hunting goals and larger game you can modify your slingshot to shoot arrows, which is called a slingshot bow, or slingbow for short.

Slingshot hunting also has the added benefit that you can move easily without being weighted down with tons of gear. This makes it possible to keep a low profile to better avoid detection.

And what about fishing with a slingshot? It’s entirely possible, although requires a bit more experience to bring in a catch. A modified bowfishing slingshot includes an arrow attached to a line with a reel if you intend to bring is larger fish.

Self Defense

A high power slingshot can be used as a self defense weapon when needed. They can be used to deter the threat (animal or human) from far distances, which is much preferred than dealing with close combat situations.

It often only take firing a few warning shots to scare away most threats. Again using a slingshot as a self defense weapon is advantageous because it’s small enough to be easily carried on you in the wild. Plus, you won’t draw attention like you would with other more traditional weapons.

Fun & Games

Lastly, slingshots can be great fun for using for target practice. Whether you are shooting targets around camp or just in your backyard, it’s a great way to practice taking aim and improving your shot accuracy.

With unlimited supply of ammo on the ground you also don’t have to worry about the cost of ammunition. This makes it a great free way to target practice. You can even set up targets around the forest and play hunting games. If your going to do this, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a pair of high-quality eye protection.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Slingshot for Hunting

Frame Material

You’ll find that slingshot frames are typically made of either metal, plastic or wood. If you are looking for a high performance slingshot to use for hunting purposes you will want to stick with a frame made from either metal or plastic. Wood slingshots are what comes to mind when you think of a classic slingshot, but it obviousness has shortcomings when it comes to performance and durability.

Metal slingshots. Hunting slingshots made with a metal frame are both strong and light. A metal frame provides a stiff and reliable frame for powerful shooting, not to mention they are ultra-durable. Materials typically used include alumina, which is lightener, and steel, which is typically stronger. You can expect to pay a little more for a high-end metal slingshot, but you’ll get ultra-strong frame. The FRIENDLY Slingshot is an example of a model with an allow frame.

Plastic Slingshots. A frame constructed from a plastic composite is also a solid option. Don’t be worried about buying a plastic model, as modern day plastics are very stiff and durable. You’ll find a variety of different plastic options out there including, including glass filled nylon, such as this slingshot and polycarbonate, such as the Scout Slingshot.

Wood Slingshots. A classic, but outdated design. These are easy to make at home with a simple Y-shape stick, but you won’t get the same performance, both power and accuracy, you would when using a high-end hunting slingshot constructed from plastic or metal.

As you can see, there are advantages and drawbacks with each type of slingshot frame material. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you are choosing the best hunting slingshot for how you plan to use it.

Weight & Size

Light and small means easier to carry and move around with. This is important when positioning yourself during hunting and for overall ease of portability.

Depending on the materials used, hunting slingshots range between 5 to 12 ounces. If weight matters to you you’ll probably want to go with a plastic frame vs a metal frame.

Most slingshots are easily packable, which makes them a versatile hunting tool to always carry in your pack for survival. With slingshots, larger does not mean more power. Typical hunting slingshots will range from 4 to 5 inches wide and 5 to 6 inches high. At this compact size you can easily carry them in your pocket or on the side of your pack.

The Grip & Handle

The slingshot grip is one of the most important factors of a high-quality hunting slingshot. You need to be able to have a solid grip when you make a heavier draw. If the slingshot’s grip is too narrow or too wide it may be hard to grab the grip tightly.

The best hunting slingshots have a molded, ergonomic grip that provides both comfort and control when you pull back the slingshot getting ready to fire.

Additionally, most slingshots are designed for right-handed users, so if you are a lefty you’ll want to make sure the grip can used equally well from both hands.

You can also find survival slingshots that are built with a hollow handle that can be used to store extra supplies. This can be incredible useful to store additional ammo, back-up tubes, or small survival tools such as a fire-starter or compass.

Slingshot Band Types

You’ll find that there are two types of slingshot bands used—both rubber tubing and flat bands. There are benefits and drawbacks of each type, so depending on how you plan to use your hunting slingshot you may want to consider buying a model with one type over the other.

In short, flat bands offer more speed and easier pulling, but tubes generally last longer and are more durable.

Rubber Tubing

Tubes come in a variety of thicknesses, which in turn affects their power and durability. You’ll find both American, European and Chinese tubing available. From my experience, American tubing is overall higher quality and more consistent than Chinese products, however it usually costs a bit more.

For better understanding of band sizes, check out this post on


Band tube size comparison via

The biggest benefit of using rubber tube slingshot bands is that they are more durable over flat bands. They also have have a longer lifetime. This make them more ideal for outdoor use, especially if you are going to be hunting and moving through the wilderness in a variety or conditions.

Plus, when you are tracking your prey you don’t always have the luxury of treating your gear so carefully. Going with a more durable band is a smart choice.

Flat Bands

If you are looking for absolute speed and accuracy, then flat bands will likely be your best choice. They will not only shoot quicker, but will shoot easier.

The drawback to flat bands are that they are less durable and generally wear out quicker. They are more susceptible to UV damage, damage from back-slap and general wear-and-tear in the outdoors.

They are great to use with a wide array of ammo weights and sizes, which also makes them a favorable option. However, they do have their downfalls in comparison to tubes.

You’ll also find bands of various thickness. The most commonly used latex and medical grade latex bands used are just under 0.03″ thick. With latex bands, the thinner and more pure latex they are the quicker they will contract. This means more speed. On the flip side, pure latex is more susceptible to the elements and will break down quicker.

The Best Option for Hunting?

This really comes done to personal preference and user needs. That said, for a good balance of speed, accuracy, and durability, it’s hard to beat a looped Chinese 1745 size tube.

The Sight

The sight on the slingshot provides accurate shooting. For anyone new to slingshot hunting, this can be a great feature to use to get the hang of shooting. The more you shoot, the more you have a feel for the path of the projectile.

If you plan to use your slingshot for hunting smaller game or just for target practices, having a sight will almost surely improve your accuracy. A lot of top slingshot models include a sight either attached or as an additional feature.


If you going to be slingshot hunting, you’re likely going to be taking your gear into harsh conditions. This includes anything from freezing temperatures, rain, and extended periods of sun exposure. Plus, who knows what your slingshot will come into contact with along the way—dragged over rocks or submerged in water.

The slingshot should be impact resistant, not allow water into the interior parts and spaces, and hold up against UV exposure.

The bottom line is you want to look for a piece of gear that will hold up. With hunting slingshots, I like to say the simpler, the better. Fewer attachments, bolts, and gizmos means that less can go wrong. The last thing you want is that your sight breaks when you are out in the wilderness, deeming your survival gear a worthless piece of junk.

Look for high-quality, durable construction. The best hunting slingshots for sale have a single-piece molded frame. It can either be solid plastic or a metal frame with a molded plastic grip, both are good options. A survival slingshot doesn’t have to be flashy and complicated, and the best models offer just what you need—a powerful shooter.

Slingshot Ammunition

The good news is that with slingshots you have almost unlimited ammo at you dispense. River rocks make the best natural shooting ammunition for slingshots because they are evenly round. However, you should always take care and be extra careful if you decide to shoot stones and rocks. In general oddly shaped ammo are less predicable than manufactured ammunition, such as steel or lead sphere balls.

Slingshot ammo is measured in calibers (fractions of an inch) or millimeters. The most commons sizes range from .40 caliber (10 mm) to .50 caliber (12.7 mm). For more ideas of what to use for ammunition, check out this thread on

Price Range

You don’t have to break your bank to invest in a good slingshot for hunting and survival. With more companies manufacturing them these days, this also means that the price has come down for quality products.

Expect to spend somewhere between $15 to $50 for a high-quality slingshot.

Safety & Legal Considerations

It’s also important to consider safety and legal aspects of a hunting slingshot. Foremost, a slingshot is a dangerous weapon and treated as one. Only experienced adults should use a powerful slingshot, and they should always use them with care and protection (eye wear, etc).

You should never shoot a slingshot at another person, this includes your friends, unless you are in a extreme self-defense situation.


Band tube size comparison via

Regarding legality of hunting slingshots, there are no federal guidelines, however each state may have it’s own law restricting slingshot hunting or banning certain slingshot types. You can find a list of slingshot hunting laws for all 50 states here.

With anything, it’s always better to do a little research beforehand and make sure you are in the clear and not breaking any laws.

Wrap Up

Hunting slingshots are a versatile and functional survival tool. Lightweight and compact they are ideal for survivalists that want a hunting weapon, but don’t want to carry a lot of gear. Or for anyone who just wants to bolster their bug out bag with an extra tool.

If I were to pick one slingshot for hunting it would be The Scout Slingshot. It offers incredible power and is extremely durable, plus you can count on it’s high-quality American made construction.

I wouldn’t rely on slingshot hunting for a primary hunting method, but that’s not what these tools are designed for. They are great fun, useful in survival and self defense situations, and could just save you life when you need to hunt some small game in the backcountry.

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