Best EDC Knives Ready to Slice Up Everyday Tasks

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Need the best EDC knife to tackle your everyday cutting needs?

If you don’t already have one, adding an EDC knife (or ‘every day carry knife’) to your pocket will certainly change your life. The number of tasks one of these things will come in handy for is truly staggering.

Once you’ve found your go-to EDC knife, you’ll realize just how useful a pocket knife really is.

If you want to find the best knife for you, I’m going to break down my 13 favorites and give you some details on why I chose them.

After I fill you in on the best of the best EDC knives on the market today, I breakdown my top picks for the best EDC knife in each of four categories:

  1. Best overall EDC knife 2017
  2. Best budget EDC knife
  3. Best mid-range EDC knife
  4. Best high-end EDC knife

Read on to find the best EDC knife for your every day carry.

Best EDC Knives 2017 Comparison Table

ModelImageBlade LengthOpen LengthBlade SteelWeightPrice ($-$$$)Our Rating
- UNDER $50 -
Ontario RAT II3"7"AUS-8 Stainless steel2.8 oz

See here

Kershaw Skyline3.1"7.4"Sandvik 14C28N, stonewashed finish2.5 oz

See here

Kershaw Cryo G10
2.75"6.5"8Cr13MoV, stonewashed finish3.7 oz

See here

Spyderco Tenacious3.39"7.76"8Cr13MoV stainless steel4.1 oz

See here

CRKT Drifter2.875"6.5"8Cr14MoV stainless steel2.4 oz

See here

- $50 - $100 -
Benchmade Griptilian3.45"8.07"154CM stainless steel3.88 oz

See here

Spyderco Manix 23.37"8.03"CPM S30V stainless steel4.9 oz

See here

Spyderco Delica 42.875"7.125"VG-10 stainless steel2.5 oz

See here

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur3.4"7.9"Sandvik 14C28N, DLC coating3.9 oz

See here

- OVER $100 -
Spyderco Paramilitary 23.438"8.281"CPM S30V stainless steel3.9 oz

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Zero Tolerance 03503.25"7.6"S30V, Tungsten DLC coated steel6.2 oz

See here

Benchmade 9403.4"7.87"CPM-S30V steel2.65 oz

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Cold Steel Code 4 Spear3.5"8.5"Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy4.3 oz

See here


Best EDC Knife Reviews

The problem is that with the growing popularity of EDC knives, the market is now flooded with less than stellar products from all sorts of companies.

Chances are, you don’t have time to sort through every option on the market to find the best one. Fortunately I do, because I’m obsessed, and I love knives.

And so today I compiled a list of all my favorite EDC knives for sale this year. There are lots of great options for reasonable prices and you will definitely find a couple that really speak to you.

Best EDC Knives Under $50

Ontario RAT IIBest budget EDC knife

The Ontario RAT II is one of the finest, most affordable EDC knives for sale. The action is remarkably smooth for such a cheap knife, and although you might expect it to wear out more quickly than more expensive knives, the RAT II can take an every day beating and stay in good form for a long time. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The AUS-8 steel blade holds it’s edge well and easily resharpens, so don’t worry about every day wear and tear. The RAT II makes a great EDC knife because it is lightweight, small and surprisingly sturdy for it’s price.

Sure, the blade is a little thin and the materials aren’t of the highest quality. However, you won’t be disappointed by this affordable and popular knife.

Who Should Buy It

This is a great first EDC knife to dip your toes into how a good flip knife should work. It also makes a great backup blade that won’t break your heart if it is lost in the line of duty.

> Get the Ontario RAT II <

– Specs –

Weight: 2.8 oz

Closed length: 4″

Blade length: 3″

Open length: 7″

Opening Mechanism: Dual thumb studs

Pocket Clip: 4-way reversible clip

Blade Material: AUS-8 Stainless steel

Handle Material: Nylon


Kershaw Skyline

Kershaw knives are well known to be top quality and although the Skyline is cheap, it certainly lives up to Kershaw’s standards. It is very light for it’s size and has a beautifully thin profile. Although there is no jimping for thumb grip, the finger slot is deep and rounded to give you real leverage and control while using this baby. Get it here.

Features & Performance

This Kershaw EDC knife is an excellent balance of discreet and comfortable carry while still maintaining a decent length when opened. This knife is unassisted, just clean, simple performance. However, the action can sometimes be a little catchy out of the box. Therefore, you may want to add a little oil or do a few adjustments to get yours flipping smoothly.

Who Should Buy It

If simple speaks to you, then the Kershaw Skyline probably will too. In total it’s a great budget EDC knife to bolster your collection or be the first of many.

> Get the Kershaw Skyline <


Weight: 2.5 oz

Closed length: 4.25″

Blade length: 3.1″

Open length: 7.4″

Opening Mechanism: Flipper/unassisted

Pocket Clip: 2-way tip up/down clip

Blade Material: Sandvik 14C28N, stonewashed finish

Handle Material: G-10


Kershaw Cryo G10

The Kershaw Cryo G10 is lighter than it’s predecessor, the Kershaw Cryo II, and in response to user feedback has added grip from the G10 front plated handle. An extra short design keeps this knife small and convenient for every day carry and because of the 4-way pocket clip, you can keep it just about anywhere you like. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The Cryo G10 has a frame lock mechanism which is simple and effective. A good EDC knife should open quickly and easily with one hand and this one certainly does. With assisted opening, you almost don’t need the thumbstuds on this blade.

The 8Cr13MoV steel blade holds a great edge and is easily sharpened if you need. However, don’t count on it as this slicer comes wicked sharp right out of the box.

Who Should Buy It

This is a great daily carry knife, perfect for small tasks and fast on the draw. But this knife is quite small and doesn’t float everyone’s boat or fit in everyone’s hands. The powerful assisted opening coupled with it’s small size feel awkward to some people.

> Get the Kershaw Cryo G10 <


Weight: 3.7 oz

Closed length: 3.75″

Blade length: 2.75″

Open length: 6.5″

Opening Mechanism: Flipper, Thumbstud, SpeedSafe® assisted opening

Pocket Clip: 4-position deep-carry clip

Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV, stonewashed finish

Handle Material: G-10 front, 410 back, stonewashed finish


Spyderco Tenacious

There are a lot of people in the EDC community that are absolutely nuts for Spyderco knives, and if you buy this one, you’ll definitely see why. This is one of Spyderco’s most popular blades because it performs way above it’s paygrade through years of steady use.

Although it gets flack for being made in China, this Spyderco knife is of superb design and sturdy construction. Years from now when you have expanded your EDC collection to include many, more expensive blades, this one will still wind up in your pocket regularly. Get it here.

Features & Performance

Spyderco uses 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and whatever the secret to their heat treatment process is, it produces a beautiful result in the Tenacious EDC knife.

Spyderco knives arrive with a razor sharp edge that is legitimately dangerous to first time buyers. However, when you feel like yours is losing its tune, just run it over your steel or ceramic rod six to eight times and you’ll be back to that razor edge in seconds. Check out the best knife sharpeners on the market in this article.

The traditional Spyderco hole mechanism for extending the blade is hard to comment on, because you really have to decide for yourself. Most people either love it or hate it. Personally, I love it because your thumb is already on the jimping to provide maximum control from the moment you open the blade.

Who Should Buy It

If you’ve been curious about Spyderco knives, this is the best budget EDC knife for you. However, be careful to keep that love affair under control or you might end up owning their entire catalogue of cutlery.

> Get the Spyderco Tenacious <


Weight: 4.1 oz

Closed length: 4.45″

Blade length: 3.39″

Open length: 7.76″

Opening Mechanism: Spyderco’s signature hole

Pocket Clip: Two-way reversible clip

Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV stainless steel

Handle Material: G-10


CRKT Drifter

CRKT advertises this knife as an affordable knife that has space for custom logo engraving, which is a pretty unique pitch. So if you are a corporation looking to arm all of your employees with promotional EDC gear, look no further. However, for the average knife enthusiast this lightweight blade is also an incredibly good value. Get it here.

There are no frills on this one because CRKT intentionally kept the cost low and designed for pure functionality.

Features & Performance

A frame lock keeps the blade tight while in use, so you won’t have to worry about your fingers, no matter how you use your CRKT. The action on this EDC knife is smooth and reliable with dual thumb studs. That way, the CRKT Drifter can get you out of a tight spot fast, as well as tackle all your more mundane EDC tasks.

Who Should Buy It

Like I said, whether you are ordering 1000 or 1 of these from CRKT, they will deliver exactly what you need from a simple EDC knife. No special features, just smooth, reliable performance.

> Get the CRKT Drifter <


Weight: 2.4 oz

Closed length: 3.65″

Blade length: 2.875″

Open length: 6.5″

Opening Mechanism: Dual thumb studs

Pocket Clip: Tip down clip

Blade Material: 8Cr14MoV stainless steel

Handle Material: G-10


Best EDC Knives Between $50-$100

Benchmade GriptilianBest mid-range EDC knife

The Griptilian is Benchmade’s most popular blade and is widely praised as the best EDC knife on the market! Personally, I think that is an impossible claim to make. However, if one knife were to take that title, this Benchmade knife would definitely be a top contender. Get it here.

The Griptilian is sold with a drop, tanto or sheepsfoot point, a straight or serrated blade as well as a nylon or G-10 handle. Despite all the options, my personal choice is classic, with a drop point, non serrated blade and a G-10 handle (I’ll take G-10 over nylon any day even though it costs more).

If you want a Griptilian with the upgraded G-10 handle, it’s called the Griptilian 551-1, which you can check out here.

Features & Performance

The FRN handle feels flimsy to some, and for that reason, many opt to buy the 551-1 Griptilian with the G-10 handle.

The Griptilian is larger than many EDC knives, but is incredibly light for it’s size. The AXIS locking mechanism that is classic to Benchmade knives is dangerously fun to operate and extremely reliable.

The bottom line is that this is a tried-and-true EDC pocket knife that has been put around the block. Users love it and give it rave reviews, and justifiable so. That’s why this knife was the runner-up of my choice of best EDC knives.

Who Should Buy It

The Griptilian is a great EDC knife for anyone who wants a quality blade that can handle more than just basic tasks. Not too big not too small, the Benchmade Griptillian really is perfect for just about everyone.

> Get the Benchmade Griptilian <


Weight: 3.88 oz

Closed length: 4.62″

Blade length: 3.45″

Open length: 8.07″

Opening Mechanism: AXIS® opening/locking mechanism

Pocket Clip: 2-way reversible clip

Blade Material: 154CM stainless steel

Handle Material: FRN (Fiberglass reinforced Nylon) handle


Spyderco Manix 2

The Manix 2 is American made (though not all Spyderco knives are) and features top of the line mechanisms and machining. Everything about this blade is quality and it will surely still feel that way after years of use.

For an EDC knife, it is of medium size and build, but certainly not too big or heavy. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The signature O-hole opening mechanism marks this as a Spyderco knife. As your thumb slides onto the jimping, you will feel the lock click. Not just an average frame lock either, the Manix 2 has a ball bearing locking mechanism that is definitely one of the surest locks you will ever feel.

The hourglass clip on the Spyderco Manix 2 supports left or right side, tip up carry, so that lefties can be quick to the draw as well.

Who Should Buy It

This is a knife that will last you through years of every day use. Only buy the Spyderco Manix 2 if you want serious business, because that’s all it does.

> Get the Manix 2 <


Weight: 4.9 oz

Closed length: 4.66″

Blade length: 3.37″

Open length: 8.03″

Opening Mechanism: Spiderco’s signature hole

Pocket Clip: Tip up, L/R clip

Blade Material: CPM S30V stainless steel

Handle Material: G10 or Micarta


Spyderco Delica 4Best lighweight EDC knife

Spyderco released the Delica in 1990 and it has been one of the best EDC knives on the market ever since. They coined the term C.Q.I. (constant quality improvement) to describe their unending line of upgrades that have brought us to the current model.

Just like previous versions, the Delica 4 ranks as just about the lightest and most well designed EDC knife out there. I know there are plenty of Spyderco critics, however, no one can rightly deny the consistent quality of this Spyderco knife as it has evolved across the years. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The lightweight fiberglass-nylon handle has a stainless steel skeleton inside to add strength but minimize weight. And since the Delica 4 weighs in at just two and a half ounces, you will hardly even notice it’s in your pocket.

That’s almost half the weight of some other EDC knives, so be sure you don’t lose it or forget about it somewhere.

Who Should Buy It

This knife is a classic EDC blade and every real enthusiast should own or at least have carried one at some point in their lives. If you are looking for a blade that really is light as a feather, this is the best EDC knife for you.

> Get the Delica 4 <


Weight: 2.5 oz

Closed length: 4.25″

Blade length: 2.875″

Open length: 7.125″

Opening Mechanism: Spyderco signature hole

Pocket Clip: 4-way dual-sided tip up/down clip

Blade Material: VG-10 stainless steel

Handle Material: FRN nylon with bi-directional texturing


Kershaw Blur

Kershaw produces a wide variety of blades in a number of styles, all of them are quality. Yet, despite all the choices, the Kershaw Blur is one of my favorites because it gives you just enough without being overly flashy or featured.

It is a little larger than the average EDC knife for sale these days. For that reason, it performs beautifully as a crossover wilderness and camping carry. Because of strong steel and sturdy construction, the Blur can withstand an incredible amount of punishment in its daily use. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The speed safe assist opening combined with the insert liner lock bar create a really satisfying click when you open this knife. Do it once and you will immediately feel the smooth action and sturdy construction that this knife is known for.

The clip is reversible so you can carry tip up or down which really comes in handy in the woods. I personally love this option on an EDC knife and find it incredibly handy.

Who Should Buy It

This knife can take a good deal of abuse, so if you need a workhorse that won’t quit, the Blur is a great every day carry. Just don’t expect to squeeze it into your skinny jeans and do jumping jacks all afternoon, it’s not built for that.

> Get the Blur <


Weight: 3.9 oz

Closed length: 4.5″

Blade length: 3.4″

Open length: 7.9″

Opening Mechanism: Speed safe assist, dual thumb studs

Pocket Clip: 2-way tip up/down clip

Blade Material: Sandvik 14C28N, DLC coating

Handle Material: 6061-T6 anodized aluminum, Trac-Tec inserts


Best EDC Knives Between $100-$200

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 – Best EDC knife 2017

The Paramilitary 2 could be called Spyderco’s penultimate knife. It’s reputation precedes it and if it didn’t hide so deeply in your pocket when clipped, it’s reputation might precede you as well.

This knife is actually so popular that it has begun being counterfeited. Although the chances of receiving a fake through a reputable dealer like Amazon are very low, you should do some research to ensure you have the real deal. Get a genuine Paramilitary 2 here.

This video helps point out some of the red flags which indicate a fake Spyderco Paramilitary 2.

Features & Performance

This knife is a real joy to operate because of its smooth action, careful machining, and compression lock.

From the moment you open this blade you will love it. Just be careful because like all Spyderco knives, the paramilitary arrives with a razor edge, sharp enough to split hairs over what your favorite feature of your new EDC knife is.

It’s all-around stellar performance and bomb-proof construction is what made the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 rank as our pick for the best EDC knife of 2017.

Who Should Buy It

You’ll never go wrong with this knife. If you are serious about your EDC knife, this blade will seriously live up to the hype.

> Get the Paramilitary 2 <


Weight: 3.9 oz

Closed length: 4.812″

Blade length: 3.438″

Open length: 8.281″

Opening Mechanism: Spyderco signature hole

Pocket Clip: 4-way tip up/down L/R clip

Blade Material: CPM S30V stainless steel

Handle Material: G-10


Zero Tolerance 0350

Compared to the rest of my top picks, this is one of the heaviest EDC knives. There certainly are bigger blades you can fit in your pocket, but this one is no flyweight. Though it is the cheapest knife Zero Tolerance makes, it is by no means cheap and it definitely delivers the quality you would expect for the price. Get it here.

Features & Performance

Although this blade is bigger and heavier than many EDC knives, it feels incredible when you hold it, especially once you open the blade. That being said, the profile is reasonably slim and the design is compact.

The American manufacture of the 0350 knife, like all Zero Tolerance knives, is near flawless. That means smooth action, durable construction and high quality materials that can stand up to rigorous use over lots of time.

Who Should Buy It

This is a great EDC for the wild side of the world. If you frequently find yourself in rigorous, dangerous conditions the Zero Tolerance 0350 will never fail you.

> Get the Zero Tolerance 0350 <


Weight: 6.2 oz

Closed length: 4.6″

Blade length: 3.25″

Open length: 7.6″

Opening Mechanism: Speed safe assisted opening dual thumb studs

Pocket Clip: 4-way L/R tip up/down clip

Blade Material: S30V, Tungsten DLC coated steel

Handle Material: Textured G-10


Benchmade 940 – Runner-up overall best EDC knife

The Benchmade 940 is an absolute classic as far as I’m concerned. The slim design, manual action and high quality steel really set this knife apart because you get all the functionality of a bigger, stronger blade, but in a lightweight and easy to carry design

Though this knife is longer in length and resembles a classic pocket knife more than most EDC knives for sale today, it’s thin and lightweight design make it feel better than a lot of EDC blades to me. Get it here.

Features & Performance

Between Benchmade’s exceptional customer service and thorough warranty, any Benchmade knife is a solid investment. However, the 940 is easily my favorite product from Benchmade (sorry Griptilian).

This pocket knife is so light that it is fast and convenient for EDC needs, yet the length allows it to fit my grip perfectly and perform a wider array of tasks than some short bladed knives.

Who Should Buy It

This knife is for everyone, if you have enough money, this is the best EDC knife for you. The only negative to this knife is the price, but believe me, it’s worth it.

> Get the Benchmade 940 <


Weight: 2.65 oz

Closed length: 4.47″

Blade length: 3.4″

Open length: 7.87″

Opening Mechanism: Manual, dual thumb studs with AXIS locking mechanism

Pocket Clip: 2-way tip up/down clip

Blade Material: CPM-S30V steel

Handle Material: G-10


Cold Steel Code 4 Spear

Cold Steel makes the Code 4 Spear to be the perfect EDC knife for law enforcement and other serious uses. This means that the knife needs to stand up to any application, yet still remain lightweight and reasonably affordable.

Although this knife is made in China to keep the cost down, the construction is of undeniably high quality. Cold Steel is well known for producing fine products and the Code 4 Spear is an excellent example. Get it here.

Features & Performance

The action of the Cold Steel Code 4 Spear knife is smooth and the tri-ad locking mechanism is among the best locks money can buy.

Everything about this blade’s construction is about maximizing functionality. Personally, I wish it had a grip pad on one or both sides, because for me, it can feel a bit slippery, especially when my hands are extra-dry or dirty.

Who Should Buy It

For the price, this knife can’t be beaten. It delivers the quality of a knife that costs twice as much. In that sense, it’s worth every dollar and a great buy.

> Get the Code 4 Spear <


Weight: 4.3 oz

Closed length: 5″

Blade length: 3.5″

Open length: 8.5″

Opening Mechanism: Manual, dual thumb studs

Pocket Clip: 2-way L/R tip up clip

Blade Material: Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy

Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum


 Our Verdicts: Best EDC Knife 2017

Best overall EDC knife 2017: Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Best budget EDC knife: Ontario RAT II

Best mid-range EDC knife: Benchmade Griptilian

Best high-end EDC knife: Spyderco Paramilitary 2

EDC Knife Buying Guide

What is an EDC Knife?

EDC, or ‘every day carry’, is becoming a more and more common term in tactical and survival minded circles. After all, we almost all have a list of EDC items such as our cell phone, wallet, keys, writing utensil (tactical pen?), watches. Obviously, everyone’s EDC list is different based on the life they lead.

An EDC knife is one that can be conveniently carried and can handle a wide array of daily tasks. Most EDC knives are small (usually 7″ or less when opened) and lightweight (usually 4.5 oz or less) but of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

Edc example

What’s in your EDC tool box?

A classic pocket knife is great too, they usually have tools and blades coming out of them in every direction. However, when you start to pack so much function into your knife, it gets really heavy. The truth is, most of us don’t carry a pocket knife because they are so uncomfortable and inconvenient.

EDC knives don’t need a hundred functions because they have one, and they do it really well.

Besides, a good blade will handle most all of the tasks you needed that Swiss Army Knife for anyways.

EDC Knife Uses – An Ultra-Versatile Knife

EDC knives usefull for all sorts of tasks

The possibilities are basically endless if I were to start listing ways you can use your EDC knife.

Today, for example, I popped the lid on a can of coffee beans first. Then I skinned, cored and sliced two apples. When I got to work this morning, I had to cut the ties on some lumber that was just delivered.

I also broke down a bunch of boxes, slashed a bunch of packing tape on items inside of those boxes and shaved a couple blemishes off the wall in the new building.

That was all before my lunch break.

The things you are going to need to use your EDC knife for depend on the life you lead, but I have no doubt that you’ll find more uses than you expected. Once you have a tool, you realize all the ways you always needed it.

Do You Need an EDC Knife?

What kind of question is that? Obvious answer:


Don’t give me your excuses about how you work in an office and never need a knife, or your pockets are too small.

Believe me, you’ll say you never need a knife and then your coworker at the next desk will get a package and start trying to tear it open using their ballpoint pen. They’ll thank you for being prepared.

And these days, there are EDC knives so small that they’ll get lost in your pockets.

EDC loadout example

This EDC knife is so small you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

Believe me, I have a number of very small and easy to carry knives on this list and there are many smaller, lighter ones on the market if you want.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best EDC Knife

Blade Material

The steel of your blade is a big deal. However, in my opinion, if you’re buying your first EDC knife, it’s not as important as the size and shape of your knife. That said, the blade is the star of the show and shoddy steel just won’t cut it… (sorry)

Best edc knife steel comparison

The same knife is often sold with different types of steel. So you can choose your favorite.


The biggest factors in a blade steel are edge retention and ease of sharpening because no one wants to have to sharpen their knife every day. This is affected by the type of steel, the heat treatment applied by the manufacturer and the grind they give the blade.

Steel is incredibly complicated and also incredibly interesting. If you want to learn more, check out my comprehensive chart that breaks down both knife steel and handle material.

Blade Length

The length of the blade depends on the types of tasks you find yourself performing. Most daily tasks don’t require a long blade. But when I’m snacking on cheese and it gets in the hinge of my knife because my blade was too short, it makes me want to break things.

Most days, I tend to enjoy a blade right around 3.5″-4″ long, but you might have a different preference. The more you use your EDC knife for various purposes, the more you’ll get to know exactly what length blade works best for you.

Knife Weight

The weight of your EDC knife makes a huge difference.

Are you the type to want a sturdy workhorse with some weight to it? Or do you prefer a fine instrument that is light as a feather which you can forget is even in your pocket?

Personally, that’s an inner battle which I fight to this day and some days the workhorse wins, but I still often opt for my Spyderco Delica 4 for EDC.

For me, it usually depends on the pants I’m wearing and what I have planned for the day. But with most survival and tactical gear, weight matters—and generally the lighter, the better.


Personally, I love G-10 and I love Micarta, both are lightweight and feel really good in my hand. A solid grip is really important, especially since EDC knives can be so small. However, lot’s of knife lovers are all about the feel of a metal handle.

Edc knives and pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes

I always switch my phone between pockets and for me, metal handled knives inevitably get a little too friendly with my screen.

If you’re on the fence, I suggest going to your local outdoors store and holding some knives, so that you can find out what materials feel best to you. They may not have the model you want, and they certainly won’t have the best prices compared to shopping online, but it’s a great way to feel what’s right for you.


EDC knives all have some sort of opening mechanism which is either assisted or unassisted. Whether it’s buttons, thumb studs or a flipper you will have to decide what you like the most.

Some states have strict laws about knives with assisted opening, and if you ask me, those laws are pointless, but hey, do your research. Because there’s no point in buying an every day carry knife that is illegal to carry.

The other big feature that every good knife needs to get right is a solid locking mechanism. Hopefully, I don’t need to explain why a reliable lock to keep your blade open is important. After all, you are reading my buyer’s guide to score the best EDC knife to add to your tool box.

Benchmade Griptillian edc knife

Benchmade knives are famous for their AXIS locking mechanisms, among other impressive features.

Frame locks, ball bearing locks and special patents like the AXIS locking mechanism employed by Benchmade are all great. Each manufacture has it’s special design and feel—and most are great.

Price Range

Although it may be hard to believe, these days a really sturdy (and fairly high-quality) EDC knife can come pretty cheap. We even have a couple on this list that can usually be found for under $30. Despite what many would tell you, there really is nothing wrong with the cheaper options, as long as you find a high quality product like the ones I’ve reviewed in this post.

But hey, I understand that some of you are ready to spend a little more and get top quality steel, sturdier builds and maximum mileage out of your EDC knife. If that’s so, you will certainly notice the difference between a blade that costs $30 and one that costs $130.

In order to help you focus in on what type of knife is best for you, I broke this buyer’s guide down into three general price categories:

  • Budget EDC knife: Under $50
  • Mid-range EDC knife: $50 – $100
  • High-end EDC knife: $100 – $200

Wrap Up

So, if you are still on the fence, I recommend you scroll up to the top and get one of the budget EDC knives from this list. Say, for example the Ontario RAT II, which is an all-around great pick because of it’s low price and reliable construction. That way, you’ll be able to get your feet wet while only spending a couple hour’s pay on your first one.

If you’re like me though, you’ll be eyeing up another purchase in the middle of the price range. Personally, I have my sights set on the Benchmade Griptilian 551-1. I have used a number of Benchmade knives in my time, but never owned my own and now is definitely the time to change that.

However, if you’ve been saving up and want a really quality piece of machinery that you can pass down to your kids some day, the top of the line (bottom of the list) is what you want. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is an exceptional tool for anyone who simply wants the best of the best. Given the cost, in this case you truly do get what you pay for. And for anyone looking for the best overall EDC knife it’s worth the extra investment.

Photo attribution: Photos from Flickr creative commons: Maczter, Thirteen of Clubs