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At the Survival Gearist we’re committed to provide comprehensive and in-depth guides to help you navigate the wide array of survival and tactical gear on the market.

My primary focus is anything that will help you stay safe, protected, and self-reliant—whether you are exploring the back country or wandering urban jungles. You’ll find anything from EDC knives, tactical flashlights, hatchets and axes, multitools, tomahawks, and even camping gear on the site.

I’ve spend countless hours scrutinizing the top survival gear products out there. Then I break it down for you with the good, the bad, and the ugly—what you get is everything you need to know, nothing you don’t, unbiased reviews.

The ultimate goal here at Survival Gearist: I do the research, you survive.

Who Is The Survival Gearist?

Hello everyone! My name is Mark and I’m the guy behind Survival Gearist. To say the least I’m a diehard outdoor adventurer and spend as much of my time as possible in the wilderness.

Growing up on 280 acres of wild forestland in Oregon taught me a lot about the outdoors—and provided me the opportunity to spend everyday outside in the wild.

Let’s just say that living with the wildness out your front door has allowed me to test out my fair share of survival gear. Given that I’m a gear addict I love to check out the latest gear on the market and make sure I always have the best.

That brings us to the reason why I started Survival Gearist. From all the products I’ve purchased throughout my life I know that it’s sometimes hard to just get the information you need to know which product is right. And let’s face it—there are almost endless options out there today.

That’s why I created Survival Gearist. I wanted to use my knowledge to create a comprehensive resource that provides straightforward and honest buyers guides from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

The last thing I want you to do is make the wrong purchase and head into the wild with some worthless junk.

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